Miniature Super-Capacitor(MSC)

Miniature Super-Capacitor(MSC)


Ways Minimum SuperCapacitor (MSC) is thinnest and smallest chip-type electric double layer capacitor with high withstand voltage (5V). Its heat-resistant design allows for Pb-free reflowable SMT board attachment.



  • Small and thin size
  • Pb free reflowable: 240deg.C peak
  • Rapid Charge
  • Long Cycle Life
  • RoHS directive compliant



Development Application 



WAYS GROUP’s Sheet/Thin, Miniature/Chip and Eco-friendly Hybrid/supercapacitor represents a new generation of supercapacitor technology. Also, it offers a new solution in terms of extending battery-life.





› Extending battery cycle-life

  • Improve energy conversion efficiency
  • Suppress rising-temperature

› System voltage regulation

  • Improve output-voltage stability
  • Extend battery-life

› Surge Protection

  • Noise suppression
  • Absorb the surge